The Black Plague coming back?

January 15, 2008

There’s news that the disease could be coming back – in the past 20 yrs it has killed on average 100 to 200 people. Of course this is a relatively low number comapared to pendemic that Medieval Erope faced but scientists are warning of a return of the disease. It is spread by our lovely friends – the rats and fleas which are constantly around us – and it can kill you within days of infection. Word has it that it is making a turn into Africa. Woa Mama!

Plague a growing threat –  a misatke to overlook it



  1. where did you get this information? my roommate thinks he has it, I call him buboe affectionately and the name has manifested itself all over his groin. is the plague really coming back? we need to know.

  2. Hi – I got the info from Yahoo! Just let him get it checked out.

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